Beaver's Baits XL Baby Beaver - Lake Edition

$ 69.99

Brand: Beaver's Baits

The new LAKE EDITION Baby Beaver is a unique musky bait that has burst on the scene catching many muskies. It has a blend of deer hair, rubber paddle tail, and solid head. The Lake Edition XL Baby Beaver is 14.5" long and is 8.8 oz of pure musky catching attitude. This heavier version of the original XL has more weight in the head to allow it to sink 10 feet every 3 seconds. Now you can get this musky bait down to where you had a harder time getting the original to. The Baby Beaver is constructed of plastic with .051 wire molded into each body piece. Each body piece is hand tied with deer hair and connected together with split rings. The rubber tail is molded onto the hook and is attached to the bait with a split ring making it replaceable. The Lake Edition XL Beaver musky lure is available in many Team Rhino Outdoors exclusive custom musky catching colors.

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