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Livingston Lures BullDozer

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Brand: Livingston Lures

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The BULLDOZER gets its name from a unique lip design and action, which combines with its 5 3/4-inch baitfish profile to create one of the most effective shallow divers (4 to 6 feet) ever produced! It’s ideal for trolling or casting for northern pike, musky, walleye and striped bass. This lure’s tight wobble and kick-out/ darting action are made even more effective with the addition of EBS TechnologyTM. When the Bulldozer hits the water, EBS becomes active, emitting the natural sound of a baitfish. This “Fish Catching Machine” not only looks and swims like a baitfish but sounds like one too! The Bulldozer is extremely versatile. It can be trolled, cranked or twitched for walleye, striped bass, peacock bass and other monster predators of the freshwater world. The Bulldozer is built with solid 2mm line-through construction and its EBS draws fish from double the distance of traditional lures.

Lure Specs:

Type: Crankbait
Depth: Up to 4’
Trolling: 2.5 mph up to 3.2 mph
Action: Shallow Diver
Weight: 2.31 oz
Length: 5.7”
Features: EBS Smart Chip
Hooks: 3X Strong, VMC BZ 3/O X2