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Mepps Musky Mashabou

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Brand: Mepps

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The #8 Mepps Mashabou is a Marabou skirt on top and a Flashabou skirt at the bottom. The Mepps Mashabou is available exclusively through Team Rhino Outdoors. This musky lure has a single #8 Colorado blade which makes for a different thump than your typical double bladed bait. This Colorado blade is also easy to retrieve so musky angler can throw them all day. Once other attractive option is the split ring below the collar. This not only allows the bait to pivot so a fish can't get as much leverage and shake the bait but it also allows you to mix and match skirt and blade combinations. This bait is 7 1/2" long and weighs 1.2 oz. Available in exclusive Team Rhino Outdoors colors patterns.