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MO Musky Bait Company 6" BB Shad

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Brand: MO Musky Bait Co.

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This is the 6" BB Shad (Bread and Butter Shad) from MO Musky Bait Co. It's 6" long (7.5" with the lip) and weighs 2.8 oz. This bait is handmade from cedar with one of the loudest rattles you'll hear in a wood bait. The BB Shad also feature Dead Meat Custom eyes. This musky lure is primarily used as a trolling bait with a nice wobble to really attract attention but don't be surprised if a toothy predator eats it while casted. 

Depth Chart for Trolling

10' back - 2' down

20' back  - 5' down

30' back  - 7' down

40' back - 10' down 

60' back - 12' down

70' back - 14' down

80' back - 16' down