Pandemonium Tackle Magnum SRJ

$ 59.99

Brand: Pandemonium Tackle

The Pandemonium Magnum SRJ (Slow Rise Jerk) may look similar to other jerk baits but that is where the similarities stop. It starts with the thru wire harness with the lead poured directly on .055 SS wire, then trimmed and balanced to an exact weight. Each bait is then individually hand poured with a high strength urethane. After sanding and painting, each is dipped in a heated UV cured clear. This ensures a good bond to the bait, no peeling clear. It is then cured with UV lamps, this means no yellowing in the sun it will actually get harder! The SRJ is tournament proven and guide aproved fish producer! It is fished with a pull/pause motion, shorter faster pulls it will work 1'-2'. With longer slower pulls it will work down to 6'. As the name implies, it rises very slow and often stops sideways on the pause just saying eat me to interested muskies!

Hard body is 9" (12" with tail) and weighs 6.9 oz