Reaction Strike 7" Suspending Revolution Shad

$ 14.99

Brand: Reaction Strike

The Revolution Shad swimbait is a fantastic new lure from Reaction Strike. The segmented hard-bodied lure is hydrodynamically engineered to produce an incredible, life-like, articulated swimming action. The ultra realistic and detailed paint schemes, 3D oversized eyes and perfectly balanced weighting give it a natural look like no other swimbait on the market. Developed in conjuction with Keyes Outdoors, they are making available some classic musky and pike colors.

The Revolution Series lures were designed to fall perfectly horizontally, just like a fish does. The slow fall version will fall flat, and actually sit on it’s hook. It looks and acts like a living fish 100% of the time it is in the water!! Compare to other lures that nose-dive or spiral when sinking. This is the result of a long and arduous R&D phase which results in the superior action you will find with their lures. Welcome to a new Revolution of Hi-Tech fishing.The suspending version is 7" long and 2.5oz