Savage Gear 12" Savage Sucker - MODERATE Sink

$ 25.99 $ 18.99

Brand: Savage Gear

Everyone knows that when suckers are present, they are one of the preferred forages on large predatory game fish. Because of this Savage Gear has created the most realistic sucker paddle swimbait ever. With it's anatomically correct features and photo print details, there is no doubt that when a big musky hits this Sucker they will believe they are eating the real thing. 

The Savage Sucker features the new magnetic break away stinger system consisting of a swiveling front hook connected to a rear hook via a steel wire. The rear hook is secured in place by tow high strength magnets that keep the hooks in place while casting. When there is a strike, the rear hook pulls away from the magnet and removes the fish's ability to use the weight of the lure to throw the hook. The paddle tail design of the Savage Sucker delivers the right amount of body roll and vibration to trigger strikes.