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April 05, 2018 10 tags (show)


Bob Bercel

Bob Bercel said:

I live in Michigan, I have never fished for Musky before. I started vertical jigging walleyes this year and fell hook , line and sinker. Then was introduced to a vertical jigging for musky. I need to get the equipment, im going. I need help on what to get . Thank You Bob

Team Rhino Outdoors

Team Rhino Outdoors said:

Hi Bob, Thank you for the comment. The setup I use to jig is similar to the setup I use to throw Pounder Bulldawgs. You can use a Chaos Tackle XXH Shock and Awe rod. For a leader I generally use a Stealth Tackle ST240 solid wire leader. Make sure you use braided line with 100# rating. 80# can break on the hook set. A Bondy Original or a Musky Innnovations Rippin’ Dawg are the most common baits. I hope this helps. Let us know if you have other questions. Thank you

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