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October Musky Fishing Tips

In this video Jeff Van Remortel with WDH Guide Service gives some insight into how to catch musky in October

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How to work a Suick Video

Fall is a great time to throw a Suick so in this video Jeff Hanson gives you a great idea on how to be successful with this bait.

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Get a jump start on Spring with Steve Genson

Early season muskies can be a challenge, but can still produce some of the best fishing of the year.  Here are a couple tips to get you started chasing some early season esox.  Choose your water wisely. Find the warm water. Think erratic.

I usually start my season on darker water and smaller lakes.  These types of systems typically get fired up faster which makes them a good choice for starting your season.  Darker water lakes will generally warm up faster making the muskies spawn sooner and start feeding sooner.  Now this is a general rule! There are years when the clear water and larger systems can get going good by the opener.  This is especially true in warmer than normal springs.

Finding the warmest water can be very important.  I am always paying attention to my temp gauge this time of year.  Even a couple degree difference can be significant in finding actively feeding muskies.  No matter what type of system you choose to fish pay attention to finding the warmest water.  Shallow bays, shallow flats, northern exposed shorelines, and anywhere streams, creeks, or rivers are entering can be slightly warmer.  Spend lots of time in these areas.

In general I throw a lot of erratic lures during early season.  Muskies can often be lethargic this time of year, especially following the spawn. Try to trigger reaction strikes by throwing smaller jerk baits, glide baits, and twitch baits.  Some of my favorites for starting the season include Squirrelly hellhounds, Hellpuppies, 6” Phantom Softtails, and 5” Slammers.  Just remember to work these baits erratically with lots of pauses.  Once the water warms to the mid 60’s we start to mix in some Rabid Squirrel and Jack Rabbit spinners, TopRaiders and Fat Bastards, and bigger rubber like Magnum Bulldawgs.  Good luck this season and get started early!!

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Steve Genson Musky

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Hall of Fame Angler Mike Lazarus on Back Lash Podcast

This week we talk to musky guru Mike Lazarus. Mike has a passion for musky like no other. He's also no stranger to big fish with many many giants hitting his net every year. We touch on a variety of topics in this one and hope to continue this conversation at a later date.  Look for new episodes of the podcast every Wednesday morning. Thank you all for listening and good luck fishing. 

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Mike Lazarus Back Lash Podcast

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New from Bite Back Bait Company is the Mag Double 8's

This bait from Bite Back Bait Company isn't new to fishing just new to our website. This workhorse should be a must have in your tackle box this season. Find them right HERE

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Back Lash Podcast Episode 55 - Talking Boats

This week on the podcast the 3 of us talk about boats. We had a few people interested in some lesser talked about topics so we will discuss those topics in a few podcasts. We plan to return next week with a special guest but will pick this up another week. In this podcast we compare and contrast fiberglass and aluminum boats. We also talk about things to consider when fishing in the front or back of the boat. Look for new episodes of Back Lash Podcast every Wednesday. If you need gear for the new year visit Team Rhino Outdoors ( and Musky Mayhem Tackle (

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How to Work a Bulldawg - Video

 This week Steve Genson with Genson's Fish Hunts ( talks about how he works a Bulldawg during the different parts of a musky season. If you are looking for an amazing selection of Bulldawgs visit


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Back Lash Musky Fishing Podcast

We've been a little absent from updating this section of our website. We want to use this space for musky fishing news, reports, and cool stuff showing up on the website. If you want to learn to catch more musky check out Back Lash Podcast. We've teamed up with with the crew from Musky Mayhem Tackle to bring you a musky related podcast Wednesday morning. Subscribe to the podcast on Pod Bean, iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Stitcher, and Overcast. Use this link to find it on Pod Bean -->

Back Lash Musky Fishing Podcast


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Suick Lures make for a great Labor Day

This week on YouTube we spend the weekend chasing musky in Northern Wisconsin. The 10" Weighted Copper Carp Suick fools a few fish along with the Regular Bulldawg from Musky Innovations. Subscribe to our channel for more videos. 

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New color from Supernatural Big Baits

Team Rhino Outdoors continues to add more products every week. You can find this newest color in the Headlock and Mattlock from Supernatural Big Baits. Checkout the video below to see the differences between the 2 different styles. Find many baits from Supernatural HERE 

Prism Crappie Supernatural Mattlock 

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