Musky Mayhem Heavy Weight Double Showgirl

$ 21.49

Brand: Musky Mayhem

These Showgirls were custom weighted and colored to the specs of Northern WI Musky Guide Steve Genson. Steve and his Partner won the PMTT on Lake Mille Lacs by using these heavier weighted baits which allowed them to burn them faster without blowing out during the warmer Summer months. Speed is a trigger and these Showgirls will allow you to hit speeds that a standard Double Showgirl won't. A 3/4 oz weight is used on these baits instead of the 3/8 oz standard. The Midnight Marauder is a great color for night time. Genson Sucker is a great day time color. Last but not least is Chartreuse Fury which flat out catches fish anytime. A must have for every angler. The Double Showgirl musky lure comes in exclusive TRO custom colors and weighting.

The Heavy Double Showgirl is 7.5" long and weighs 2.1 oz