Musky Mayhem Tackle Rabid Girl 8" DOUBLE Blade

$ 25.19

Brand: Musky Mayhem

Formerly from Monster Lures Musky Mayhem Tackle is the proud new owners of the the original Rabid Squirrel. With that being said we have modified the Rabid Squirrel in true Musky Mayhem Tackle llc fashion to bring you the new Rabid Girl. They currently manufacture 2 sizes of the Rabid Girl. There is an 8" Single Blade and 8" Double Blade. This is the same Colorado blade we use on our Double Showgirl. This bucktail is made with flashabou and like all the other Musky Mayhem Tackle llc flashabou baits is a proven producer from the start of the season until the end. The thump, vibration and iridescent colors make them look life like and really attract the muskies. Both the single blade and the double blade are great for speed when you are looking for the reaction strike. Colors are limited and subject to change. Keep checking back if you are looking for a specific color.

8" Double -  1.5 oz.