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Lake X Lures B2 (Shallow, Regular, Mid Weight)

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Brand: Lake X Lures

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You asked and Lake X delivered. Expanding the PlastX line up with a stealthy new model, the B2 is the little brother to the B52..Same hang time in a smaller package with monstrous results! Three weighted models, shallow, mid and regular. 4.2oz to 4.9oz, 12in long with solid tail and 15in long with the cut Blizzardtail! Cast, rip, pop, pause, hangtime, hang on!!  Eye Colors may be different than the picture. 

Shallow (3 Hole) 4.2 oz

Mid (2 Hole) 4.5 oz

Regular (1 Hole) 4.9 oz

Shallow versions of the B2 will run about 1 to 8 ft deep, the mid version will go 6 to 12' and the regular can be worked 8 to 12 ft deep.