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Musky Innovations Pit Bull (TRO Exclusive)

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Brand: Musky Innovations

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It's time to let the new Pit Bull from Musky Innovations out of its cage. This new sized bull dawg is exclusively found at Team Rhino Outdoors and Musky Innovations. What makes the Pit Bull different is the size. This new dawg is mathematically right between a Regular Bull Dawg and a Magnum Bull Dawg. The Harness is weighted slightly more than mid way between those 2 sizes. You can certainly pull and pause this dawg just like the others but if you pop it on a slack line you can really get it to dance. The Pit Bull features the PRO harness that many anglers have grown to love. If you're tired of getting worn out by the Mag Dawg and the Reg Dawg is just too small, unleash a Pit Bull. The Pit Bull is 13" long and weighs 6.5 oz