Musky Mayhem Tackle Monster Grenade

$ 84.99

Brand: Musky Mayhem

Introducing the New Monster Grenade from Musky Mayhem Tackle LLC. This bait is for the anglers that love larger profile baits. Just like the mini and standard Grenade baits the Monster Grenade is a forward heavy tail bladed spinner that was developed for deep weediness and open water but performs relatively weedless coming through the shallow weeds. The Monster Grenade is 17" long and built on .062 stainless steel wire. It has 5 skirts, (2) 7/0 hooks and (2) No. 10 Blades with an added 3/4 oz weighting the rear for ease of laying out the monster in the cast. The total weight of the Monster Grenade is 6.9 oz and has a fall rate of about 1 foot per second. Count it down and retrieve at a moderate pace and it stays at that depth. It's designed to run deeper and stay more in the bite zone. See it in action during the new season of Mayhem's 10,000 Casts on Youtube or KOTV.