Savage Gear 9.5 Single Savage Blades

$ 22.89

Brand: Savage Gear

This is the brand new Savage Gear Savage Single Blade 9.5. These custom ducktails are built with high grade components and crafted to put some big fish in the net this season. The custom blades are unlike any that are on the market now. These blades are designed to start spinning just as your cast hits the water so you don't waste any of the retrieve. These custom bladed baits have a detachable weight which will allow you to have more depth control if you are working over weeds or if you want to get them deeper over rocks and sunken humps. These feature custom carbon steel 3X tail treble hooks and a stainless corkscrew with the replaceable scented predator trailer tail to entice even the most shy fish. 

  • Grade A stainless wire stem 1.4 mm for incredible strength 
  • Custom shape brass blades 0.7 mm for a very unique sound
  • Premium stainless beads for high flash and vibration
  • High quality stainless steel clevis that helps blade rotation 
  • Adjustable and replaceable weights for more versatility and depth control
  • Added rear grub trailer for increased vibration
  • 3X tough treble hooks
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