Savage Gear NEW 3D Sucker 12" Moderate Sink

$ 26.49

Brand: Savage Gear

3D Sucker - Redesigned for Fall 2023 with thru wire construction

Everyone knows that when suckers are present, they are one of the preferred forages of large predatory game fish - and of musky in particular. Suckers are probably their favorite dish. At Savage Gear they have designed the most realistic sucker swimbait ever created. With it anatomically correct features and photo print details there is no doubt that when a big musky or pike connects with this swimbait, they will believe they are eating the real thing. The Savage Sucker is based on the 3D scan of a real sucker - a technology utilized by Savage Gear for a decade and the results are obvious. These are the most realistic swimbaits on the market. Both the 9" and 12" 3D Sucker are available in moderate and fast sinking models and tuned to perfection. 

The 12" Moderate Sink 3D Sucker is 12" long and weighs 11 oz.