Bajio NIPPERS Sunglasses

$ 249.00

Brand: Bajio

 Leaving before dawn and staying out past last light. You don’t even have to wonder—your partner in crime with the Nippers is up for it. She’ll reschedule whatever meeting or event is in the way of a day on the boat with you or any other adventure. She’s always in. And her secret weapon—those shades named for the epic bonefish flat off of Abaco (known for holding the giant ones)—will win you over and soon become part of your toolkit as well. 

The casual style of the Nippers disguises a deep list of technical features. Wide,  polarized lenses provide enhanced field of vision, and feature proprietary LAPIS technology that blocks blue light and diminishes eye strain on the brightest days. The low-density, bio-based nylon frames are lighter than traditional oil-based polymers—yet also provide higher strength and impact resistance. More than meets the eye, indeed.

Blue Mirror/Grey Base Lens are the darkest Bajio Lens. Great for fishing in bright sun.

Green Mirror/Brown Base Lens are the 2nd darkest Bajio Lens. Great for most applications in musky fishing and also great in bright sun

Siver Mirror/Copper Base is a medium light, high contrast Bajio Lens. Great for both low light and bright sun. 

Rose Mirror/Red Base is a medium light, high contrast Bajio Lens. Great for both low light and bright sun. 

Bajio goes to great lengths to make these glasses the lightest and most comfortable on the market. A long and tedious process was implemented to field test many different frames and lenses to make sure these are the absolute best available. 

  • Frame Size - MEDIUM
  • Full 8-base wrap design for light-blocking performance
  • Wide temples for maximum sun protection
  • Generous non-slip rubber nose pads
  • Rubber temple tips for snug fit
  • Made from plant-based material that bio-degrades more easily and is gentler on our oceans; bio-based nylon is 10x stronger than petroleum-based plastic 
  • Choice of 6 lens colors in both glass and polycarbonate
  • All lenses are polarized and include proprietary LAPIS technology that blocks blue light, making them the clearest lenses on the planet
  • Oleophobic lens coatings reduce scratching and make cleaning easier
  • Glass $249
  • Polycarbonate $199