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Bangarang Custom Baits - 6" Soul Searcher

$ 84.99

Brand: Bangarang Custom Baits

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The Next Batch of the Soul Searcher is expected around February 18th 2024. The top colors on the drop down are the ones coming. 
After several years of designing, water testing and plenty of musky chews later, the Soul Searcher Twitch bait has earned its place as the newest member of the Bangarang lineup. Its neutral weighting is where this lure shines. Rising, sinking, pause in place? You make the call by simply changing out the hardware (I.e. hooks, split rings, leader, tail etc...) to mimic your desired buoyancy. Typically the 6" Soul Searcher will run about 3 to 4' deep. 
-Weighing in at approximately 2.5oz
-Dressed with a pinned aluminum lip
-Hand made from the highest quality tight grained cedar wood on the market
-Sealed twice with Brotherhood Baits premium bait sealer
-Encapsulated in 4-5 coats of True Coat epoxy
-Glitter and Foil colors have a slight price increase