Bangarang Custom Baits - Double 8 BNGR Tail

$ 39.99

Brand: Bangarang Custom Baits

Just 6 short years ago, before Bangarang Custom Baits was born, the original marabou BNGR Tail was tied, tried, and chewed. It was from that point, we dove head first into the world of musky bait making. The BNGR Tail is what started it all for us, and will continue to live out its legacy within our lineup. 
-Weighing in at approximately 2.5 oz, 8” in length
-Hand tied hackle and marabou 
-Heavy duty thread wraps sealed with epoxy
-Finished with our signature marbled/glitter epoxy heads. 
-Hand tuned clevises 
-Powder coated blades