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Bangarang Custom Baits - 6" Fr8 Train

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Brand: Bangarang Custom Baits

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From skinny rivers to the big pond, rain, sleet, or shine, the Fr8 Train dive and rise has not only proven to get chewed across the musky map, but has also become a year round staple for the past 5 years and counting. Jerk, pull, retrieve, troll. Every year we hear a new and creative way to utilize this versatile lure. The possibilities are in your hands when you snap on a Fr8 Train. The 6" Fr8 Train comes with a 1/2 oz weight installed and will dive to depths of roughly 4 to 6'. 
-Weighing in at approximately 2.5 oz
-Removable weight system 
-Hand made from the the highest quality clear western red cedar available 
-Sealed twice with Brotherhood Baits premium bait sealer
-Encapsulated in 4-5 coats of True Coat epoxy
-Find Weight Kits for the Fr8 Train HERE
-Find Nose Guards for the 6" Fr8 Train  HERE
-Glitter and Foil colors have a slight price increase