Bobbie Baits 9" Weighted Jerkbait

$ 30.99

Brand: Bobbie Baits

Here is the classic Bobbie Bait in the 9" weighted model. This is an old school, must have dive and rise bait. The Bobbie Bait as been fooling big musky for over 50 years. The weighted Bobbie Bait is not neutrally buoyant. It has just enough lead to prolong the hang time making it a great cold weather, late fall, or deeper water fishing. The Bobbie Bait can be used for both casting and trolling although it's primarily used casting. The action of this musky bait is dependent on how much you bend the stainless steel tail. If you want the bait to run deeper just bend the tail down. Play with different bends to find the action that suits you best. Every year more and more fish are being caught on the Bobbie Bait, hopefully this is your year. Available in exclusive TRO Colors. The 9" weighted  is 8.5" hard body and 9" with the tail. The weighted 9" is 3.5 oz.