Delong 11" Flying Witch

$ 29.99

Brand: Delong

Delong 11″ Flying Witch

Delong has finished redesigning the Flying Witches. This new style was developed by asking some of the best anglers in the musky industry what they would want in a bait. They wanted a bait that moved different than other rubber baits, easy to use, treble hooks, and something that could be used any time of year. We made it, the guides tested it, and the results have been incredible!

This new style bait has a completely different presentation to the musky! With more people on the water fishing similar styles of baits, the DeLong Flying Witch and Giant Witch will be the lure in your box that will give them something different than what everyone else is throwing!

With the added weight in the head, the witches dive fast with a lot of unique action. most big rubber baits rely on fluttering tails, but the witches have a unique design that causes the entire bait to move up and down the water column quickly!

  • 6 ounces
  • 150lb test internal rig
  • 2 6/0 Mustad treble hooks
  • 8/0 Stinger Hook in the tail
  • high quality rubber that has a reputation for lasting!
  • different presentation than any other bait currently on the market
  • anise scented
  • Easy to use and highly effective!