Drifter Tackle Predator Series XL Musky Net ($184.99 +$40 Shipping)

$ 224.99

Brand: Drifter Tackle

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The "XL" features a true 37" x 35"' hoop with a 36" deep coated net bag.  Rated UP TO 60 lbs

The Predator Series™ nets are the strongest nets available on the market. These nets were designed for the largest, toughest game fish in the world.  The 5/8" or 3/4" Reinforced Hoops are without question the most heavy duty hoop ever made.  They are uniquely reinforced in way different from any other "reinforced" hoop on the market.  They are rated to pick up 70 lbs without bending or failing, no other net available on the market can claim that, PERIOD!  The 48" net handles are reinforced anodized aluminum and feature an EXCLUSUVE "T-Grip" handle on the end for extra control of the net.  If a fish trys to change direction at the last moment, you now have unparalleled control of your oversized landing net.   The handles are offered in 3 colors: BLUE, GOLD, and BLACK.  If you are buying a premium, high quality net that is made to last forever, shouldn't you at least be able to make it match your boat? While they are definitely the strongest nets available, they also have been designed with the fishes safety in mind.  The net bags are rubber coated in a specially formulated mixture that assures the softest, most durable net bag you can purchase.  The bags are soft and pliable straight from our factory, and remain that way in all weather conditions.  These bags will open fully and easily each and every time to pick it up to net a fish.