Drop Tine Tackle Growler

$ 17.99

Brand: Drop Tine Tackle

The Growler

The Growler is a spinnerbait that will Growl back at the Muskie, initiating the attack on anything that comes into their territory. It can be used in the heaviest weed cover, through flooded timber and heard in the dirtiest waters without any issues. 

This unique spinnerbait has a single #8 colorado blade but also has a bell rattle system, giving it the noise needed to call fish in. It has a single skirt and one super ultra sharp 7/0 saltwater Owner hook. Total weight is 2.3oz and is built on .051 wire for absolute maximum vibration, with the durability of the best bucktails on the market. 

With a number of different colors, these spinnerbaits will be turning heads in the best Muskie and Northern Pike waters across North America.