ERC Squirrely Hell Hound

$ 25.99

Brand: Esox Research

This Hell Hound has all the ease of use as the original with the added attractant of a plastic tail. This bait works great from beginner to musky pro. Short taps of the rod or even short cranks on the reel make this bait dance side to side. It has a great wobble on the pause to provoke strikes even when it's not moving. This bait can be worked quickly or you can count it down to work deeper and slower.  Solid plastic to hold up to many musky catches. The Squirrely Hell Hound musky lure comes in exclusive TRO custom colors. TAIL COLOR MAY VARY FROM PICTURE. 

The 9″ size is the Hell Puppy with a live action tail

The Squirrely Hell Hound is 6.75 inches long plus the added tail and weighs 3.4 oz