Grandma Lures - 6" Classic Grandma

$ 14.99

Brand: Grandma Lures

The Classic Grandma Lure is designed for casting or trolling and is excellent for twitching.
Designed by "Jake" Satonica in 1960, the Grandma Lure has excelled as one of the productive fish catching lures on the market. "Grandma" has been copied by many companies, but the action has never been duplicated correctly. The unique action of this lure has been proven over and over again by the amount of fish that are being caught with it.
Whether it is fresh or salt water, "Grandma" will help you capture many fish, and maybe the trophy you're looking for.
With a body made of high impact plastic, and a lip made of extra high impact plastic, the Grandma is a very durable lure. It will withstand punishment from anything from a freshwater Muskie to a saltwater Barracuda. 
Being sold all over the world, the Grandma Lure is catching all species of game fish. "Grandma" has made many a fisherman's trip a memorable one. We hope "Grandma" will do the same for you.

Grandma's color selection is excellent, whether they are painted, holoform or prism, and dressed with over sized hooks to help you keep a hold of your fish.
The 6" Classic Grandma is 6" long and weighs 1.2 oz. - The 6" Grandma HAS Rattles