Hawg Seekers Tackle Bassnatcher

$ 12.99

Brand: Hawg Seekers Tackle

Discovering that bass had an appetite for Hawg Seekers lures, the Bassnatcher was born.

With a winning combination of wood and a plastic tail for great side-to-side darting action, the Bassnatcher presents an irresistible target that even muskies and pike find appealing. Lightly weighted, this 4" dynamo comes in at 1.0 oz. with two #2 VMC® hooks, red in the front and bronze in the back.

The Bassnatcher can be started out on the surface, where light taps flip the tail creating a tantalizing surface disturbance. A sharp jerk or quick reel crank takes the Bassnatcher sub-surface and from there, quick reel cranks, short jerks, or long pulls will start the Bassnatcher tracking side to side. Occasional pauses allow the Bassnatcher to go into a slow dead rise.

The Bassnatcher in at 1.0 oz and has two #2 hooks.