Hawg Seekers Tackle 6" Boss Hawg

$ 21.49

Brand: Hawg Seekers Tackle

Like the clatter of a freight train coming down the tracks, the Boss Hawg surface bait combines a jointed design and a noisy flap tail for a bait that drives muskies, large pike and hawg-size bass crazy. A faster retrieve means more noise, splash and action. The large lip lessens the chance of the Boss Hawg being blown out of the water during violent strikes.

The Boss Hawg can also be retrieved sub-surface. If a fish is observed following the bait during a top water retrieve, start reeling faster with the rod-tip down. The bait will dive and with luck, the fish will follow. Finish off your retrieve with a boat-side figure-eight, making that last second strike possible.

The 6” Boss Hawg weighs in at 2.5 oz and has two 4/0 hooks. Blade colors may very from the pictures.