Joe Bucher Outdoors 8" SUSPENDING Depth Raider

$ 24.89

Brand: Joe Bucher Outdoors

The legendary DepthRaider 100 straight model crankbait, 1st introduced as a floating diver in 1987, now has deadly fish catching cousin – The Suspending DepthRaider.  Built off the same body design as the original floating diver as well as the sinking Count-down version, the new Suspending DepthRaider neither floats or sinks.  It simply suspends at whatever depth level you crank it down to.  This allows you to fish the lure much slower in cold water at a desired depth level as well as work the lure in a jerkbait like fashion.  In addition, the new Suspending DepthRaider hovers during a pause in a horizontal posture to emulate a struggling injured baitfish.  This also prevents hook fouling.   The new Suspending DepthRaider is sure to be a preferred bait for open water suspended muskies and a killer crankbait for cold water periods.