Livingston Lures Flipper - Slow Rise 4.3 oz

$ 31.99

Brand: Livingston Lures

This is the Deeper slower rise version of the New Flipper From Livingston Lures. The Flipper is the only dive and rise jerk bait that has a lip and can be used as a crank bait. The rear metal tail provides flash and depth/wobble and is adjustable for more of a free glide action or more wobble. The Flipper is 10" in length and this version weighs 4.3 oz. This version will dive to depths of 8' casting and trolling. It is recommended to troll the Flipper slow at 1.5 to 2.3 MPH. This jerk bait is built with EBS Technology and also rattles to really call in the big predator fish.