Livingston Lures Head Hunter MAGNUM

$ 24.99

Brand: Livingston Lures

Take one look at the double-jointed body and crankbait-style lip on the HEAD HUNTER MAGNUM and you know immediately that this is a trophy musky/pike/walleye bait, unlike anything you’ve seen before. The Head Hunter Magnum features the predator-attracting, slow-swimming action of a swimbait; the hard vibrating, hunting action of a shallow crankbait; and an enticing kick-out/darting action on the troll that mimics a baitfish, unlike any other trolling bait. Combine the Headhunter’s natural action and slow sink with EBS TechnologyTM – the actual biological sounds of baitfish – and the bait instantly becomes THE choice for trophy fish whenever they’re relating to bigger forage. Built with 2mm wire-through construction.

Lure Specs:

Type: Crankbait
Depth: 4’-12’
Action: Floating
Trolling: 2mph up to 3.5mph
Weight: 5.05 oz
Length: 10”
Features: EBS Smart Chip
Hooks: 3X Strong, VMC BZ 4/O X2