Livingston Lures Viper 6

$ 24.99

Brand: Livingston Lures

The Livingston Predator Series of swimbaits includes some of the most inspired lure designs ever created for musky, pike and other predators of the freshwater world. The VIPER glide bait combines the expertise of swimbait pioneer Byron Velvick and the knowledge of renowned musky hunter Pete Maina with the unmatched predator-attracting power of EBS Technology to produce a predator bait for the ages. The Viper’s slow-swimming glide perfectly mimics the natural swimming motion of forage fish.

Lure Specs:

Type: Swimbait
Depth: Adjustable
Action: Adjustable
Weight: 2.65 oz
Length: 5.87”
Features: EBS Smart Chip
Hooks: VMC BZ, 2X Strong #1F - #1