Llungen Lures .22 Short SS

$ 23.99

Brand: Llungen Lures

This is the new 22 Short SS from Llungen Lures. It's still a small power house but now with a square lip design and different line tie location to make this bait perfect for shallow weeds, rock, and wood. If you're looking for a great casting crank bait the 22 Short SS fits the mold. This bait is also a great shallow running trolling option. The 22 Short SS is 4" long ( 4 3/8" with the lip) and weighs .9 oz. Available in all the colors offered from Llungen Lures and many TRO Exclusive colors also. Nobody has a better selection of Llungen Lures.

Glitter colors in all Llungen Lures do not have the clear coated lips. They will look cloudy and may have a line through the middle as part of the molding process.