Mistress Muskie Lures 6" Mistress

$ 37.99

Brand: Mistress Muskie Lures

The 6" Mistress from Mistress Muskie Lures is a very versatile crank bait. It was designed to cast and be twitched over structure or off breaks. The 6" version of the Mistress will troll to speeds around 4 to 5 mph. This bait has a great belly roll to go with a wobble that drives musky crazy. 

6" Mistress | 3 oz

-Solid Western Red Cedar

-Sealed | 2 base coats of epoxy | Custom painted | 2 top coats of epoxy

-Wolverine triple split rings

-4/0 front and 3/0 rear Mustad 3551 treble hooks