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Knock Out Musky Baits Baby SquirKO

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Brand: Knockout Musky Baits

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The Baby SquirKO from Knock Out Musky Baits is a super erratic side to side glide bait that will also give you some vertical movement. The Baby Squirko is even more erratic and unpredictable than the Squirko which makes it a great spring or early summer bait.  This bait will work great in the upper 3 feet of the water column. It's great worked slowly early season over weed cover or worked quickly on active break line fish in the summer and fall. Short taps make this bait really dance. This bait is solid plastic and built to last. It's 2.3 oz in weight, 5" hard body and 7 1/2" total with the tail extended. We recommend using a Stealth Tackle Spring Leader for this bait. When using too heavy a leader it will hurt the action of the bait. Find the Stealth Tackle Leader by clicking HERE. (there may be a slight cosmetic indent on the bottom of the baby version made during the molding process and the weight may appear to be off center, This in no way effects the action of the bait)

Find replacement tails for the Baby SquirKO HERE