Musky Frenzy Lures 8/9 Stagger SPINNERBAIT

$ 25.99

Brand: Musky Frenzy Lures

Here is the 8/9 Spinnerbait from Musky Frenzy Lures that is new for 2023. This versatile bait is built from the very popular 8/9 Stagger blade combo. With the exclusive Musky Frenzy 1 piece clevis these blades just spin. The 8/9 Stagger Spinnerbait is built with silicone skirts to give it a very lifelike action in the water. Tested with great results during the 22' season. The Musky Frenzy Spinnerbait is 8" long and weighs 2.7 oz

#8 Colorado/#9 Indiana Blades

1.5 oz Spinner Head

2 Silicone Skirts

8/0 Trailer Hook