Musky Innovations Pounder Bull Dawg (Super Mag)

$ 35.99

Brand: Musky Innovations

The Pounder Bulldawg has been catching giant muskies since it arrived. At 15" and 16 oz it isn't the easiest of musky lures to throw but it certainly wakes up the big girls. This bait really shines during the Fall months as the water starts to cool but can and will produce musky all season long. As with the entire Bulldawg lineup there is no wrong way to fish The Pounder. You can use a simple pull/pause retrieve or even straight crank it. Sometimes super erratic retrieves can be the ticket to provoke a strike from a giant musky. On your next musky fishing trip if nothing is producing try to upsize to a Super Mag Bulldawg and get ready to set the hook. (PICTURE IS OF A MAG DAWG, POUNDER DOESN'T HAVE A TOP HOOK)

Holographic and Painted Dawgs have a higher price. 

Click here for recommended 150 lb Leader or Optional 180 lb Leader here