Musky Innovations Magnum Bull Dawg

$ 28.99

Brand: Musky Innovations

Click here for recommended Mag Dawg Leader or Click here for optional solid wire Leader

The Mag Dawg is a musky lure that really needs no description. This is a must own for every musky fisherman. This large soft plastic lure will get eaten by most any toothy critter that swims. There truly is no wrong way to work a Dawg. You can straight retrieve it, rip it, pull it, but make sure you always give it a pause. Many times the fish is triggered on the pause. We have a custom colored dawg that will certainly put fish in the boat no matter where you fish. All colors are exclusive TRO Custom Colors.  15.5" Magnum is 8.9oz with (2) 6/0 hooks The Mag Dawg musky lure is available in many exclusive TRO custom colors and the stock colors you've trusted for years. 

Holographic, Painted, and Custom Dawgs have a higher price.