Musky Innovations Pro Series Bull Dawg Rod ($219.99 plus $15 Shipping - ONLY Ships to WI, IL, MN, IA)

$ 234.99

Brand: Musky Innovations

THESE RODS ARE 1 PIECE AND WILL ONLY SHIP IN THE SPEEDEE ZONE - WI, IL, MN, IA - if you are outside those states please email us for a shipping quote.

Pro Bull Dawg Rods are back and better than ever.  We have taken one of the strongest blanks in the industry and made it even better and dressed it up with some of the best accessories available while keeping it affordable.

The cork on these rods offer durability, comfort, and extra grip plus the 18” long handle allows for more leverage to lob that huge rubber bait with ease.  The polished stainless steel guides are amazingly bulletproof and have no insert to crack or pop out!
These rods are tough enough to throw big baits like Pounder Bull Dawgs, Monster Swimmin’ Dawgs, Ultra Mag Dawgs, big jerk baits, and heavy crankbaits, and still have a sensitive tip with a blank that has the horsepower to hammer hooks into a trophy musky. Designed to throw the big stuff and have enough backbone to pull that big rubber lure through the teeth of a monster musky and drive those hooks home.
These rods feature the legendary tTech microweave™ graphite that combines an incredibly strong yet very lightweight blank that made Bulldawg rods famous.   Fish with the rod the pros use – Bull Dawg Rods!!