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Musky Innovations SHALLOW Pit Bull (TRO Exclusive)

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Brand: Musky Innovations

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This is the Shallow version of the all New Pit Bull from Musky Innovations. This shallow Pit Bull has the Pro harness that many anglers prefer over the original solid wire. This offers greater flexibility and hop to the bait. The Pit Bull is a mid sized Bull Dawg, it's right between a regular size and magnum size. This mid size allows many anglers the option to throw a larger profile bait longer without the need for XXH rods. This shallow version of the Pit Bull can stay in the upper foot of the water with rips up of the rod. With a typical retrieve it will be about 1 to 3'. The great thing about the Shallow Pit Bull is you can work it a bit faster than you can a traditional shallow Bull Dawg. This will be a great option to work over weeds and rocks.