Musky Innovations Magnum Swimmin' Dawg

$ 31.99

Brand: Musky Innovations

 Here it is the Magnum Swimmin' Dawg from Musky Innovations. It's 11" long and weighs 7 oz. It has a flexible harness similar to the new Pro Dawg. The paddle tail produces Lots of Thump and Vibration to attract even the most stubborn musky. Catches muskies when straight retrieved and also deadly when used with a pull/pause technique. Hand poured in the USA with incredible high quality hand painted patterns that are sure to please any musky angler. On your next musky fishing adventure pack a few New Swimmin' Dawg and get ready to set the hook. Available in exclusive TRO Custom Colors. See the video below for underwater footage of the Swimming Dawg in action.