Musky Mayhem Heavy Weight Double Cowgirl

$ 35.49

Brand: Musky Mayhem

More weight to burn faster or slow roll deeper. This is a great bait for all seasons. Built with all the same quality components that the Original has but changed the weight from 3/8 oz to 3/4 oz. The added weight will keep this bait down deeper when slow rolling and will keep it from blowing out at the highest of speeds. This musky lure is available in TRO exclusive custom colors

The huge spinner blades create a tremendous vibration in the water. Flashabou skirting gives it color, lifelike action and a huge profile, making it the best baitfish simulating inline spinner on the market today. Two 7/0 Mustad hooks give it an excellent hooking percentage, so you are sure to catch the big one.

Two 7/0 Mustad Hooks – 3.2 oz – 10" Long – Two #10 Magnum Blades