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My Addiction Custom Lures 5" Narcan Glider

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Brand: My Addiction Custom Lures

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My Addiction Custom Lures are hand made musky fishing lures made in "Wild and Wonderful" West Virgina. This product is hand crafted from some of the best hardwood and speaks for itself from durability to the small details. These lures have been tested in many different types on waters and their ability to provoke strikes from muskies have been proven time and again. The custom paint jobs and raised facial features create a realistic look that sets them apart. My Addiction Custom Lures has a life like roll and glide action with optimal casting ability and hang time. On you next musky fishing trip take along a Narcan glider and get your fix. The 5" has a 5" hard body and the tail is 3.5" long when stretched out. It weighs 2.3 oz. FOIL and GLITTER COLORS HAVE ADDITIONAL COST.

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My Addiction Custom Lures