Naze Baits 9" RATTLE Livid Fish

$ 27.99

Brand: Naze Baits

The Livid Fish is a lure that cannot be fished incorrectly.  Rip it, crank it, slow retrieve or fast, be confident that you are fishing it the right way every cast. This Rattling version has the same action as the original but now with the added noise attraction. 

+ Use as a crank, jerk or twitch bait
+ 9 inch model gets down to 7 feet
+7 inch model gets down to 4.5 feet
+ Pull it for an incredible "wobble" on the way up

+A slow retrieve allows you to fish immediately over weeds/structure


The Livid Fish offers musky anglers who troll a unique set of characteristics that are difficult to find in one lure.  Often lures are trolled because they possess a certain characteristic.  Many fisherman give up one productive feature for another.  Read below to see the qualities that make the Livid Fish a versatile and "all in one" trolling bait.  

+ Troll up to 8 mph
+ No "blowouts" at high speeds
+ Troll in as little as 4' of water
+ Troll the 9" model deeper than 20' of water

+ Easily trolled behind all models of planner boards with minimal resistance 
+ Easy to retrieve a planner board and lure
+ Achieve maximum depths with minimal line
+ The low resistance allows outside planner boards to achieve a wider pattern
+The low resistance is easier on you and your equipment
+Turning the direction of your boat causes substantial depth changes​