Okuma Komodo SS Reel (3 Models)

$ 269.99

Brand: Okuma

Introducing the Okuma Komodo SS, the latest and greatest in the line of Komodo baitcast reels. This reel is designed for anglers who want the power and durability to tackle big fish, with a level of drag output that is best in its class. The ss features stainless steel gearing and drive shafts, along with a smooth, comfortable handle that makes it a pleasure to use. This reel is available with gear ratios and handle options to suit your fishing needs. Whether you're targeting pike, musky or salmon in freshwater, or striper, jacks or trophy calico bass in saltwater, the Okuma Komodo SS is the perfect reel for the job.

All models of the Okuma Komodo SS have 6.3:1 gear ratio that bring in 33.5" of line per turn of the handle. Max Drag pressure is 30lbs.