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Pandemonium Tackle 7" or 9" Roswell Leader

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Brand: Pandemonium Tackle

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The "Roswell Wire Leader". Called that because Pandemonium Tackle  just jokingly said they found this stuff on a UFO! It is a solid wire that is made from an extremely durable kink resistant alloy.  They had it made in .034" dia. then they use the highest quality crimps, each meticulously lined up before crimping for maximum strength.  We tested them to 130lbs and the cool thing is the wire will stretch 8% at about 60lbs and go back to its original shape. These leaders will take the abuse of multiple fish before replacing with no need to bend back straight. No swivel or snap to fail or add weight. Great for the SRJ Jerkbait and many other walk the dog jerk baits.  Available in 7" and 9" lengths.