Phantom Lures Xorsist

$ 74.99

Brand: Phantom Lures

This is the new Dive/Rise/Glide bait from Phantom Lures. Individually hand-painted and made in the USA, the floating Xorsist is 10 full inches of dive-and-rise deadliness, and with a subtle side-to-side, glide bait poke when pulled. Work it hard for erratic, unpredictable action that never stalls out because the red, anodized aluminum bill is tuned for minimal drag. A casting bait, the stock Xorsist dives to 5’ on the pull, then rises on the pause. Adding belly weight lets you fish it down to 10’. By design, the front hook is engineered to spank the weight for a dinner bell sound that rails over rockpiles, weed lines and even when targeting suspended fish on wide open flats.