Red October Baits 7.5" Ninja Tube Rigs

$ 6.99

Brand: Red October Baits

Here are the rigging options for the 7.5" Ninja Tubes

Shallow Rig

This rig is carefully keel weighted, and the central weighting causing the tube to fall HORIZONTALLY after a rip. This rig comes with two treble hooks - one near the head of the tube and one perfectly placed in the tails. There is an extra drop loop for added modifications if you prefer.

If you are casting a shallow structure or weed area, and are looking for a versatile set up with erratic action……then this rig was developed with your needs in mind.

Mid Depth Rig

This rig is designed for the 10" Monster and 7.5" Ninja Tube. It works great for casting weededges or breaks in that 5 - 25 ft depth range. You can swim it high in the water column by working it fast or count it down then start your retrieve. Works great with a "Yo-Yo" style pump retrieve, or a stead crank and pump retrieve. Two razor sharp trebles, plus the single on top make this an excellent hooking bait.

Deep Rig

These jig heads are designed specifically for fishing vertically, usually in depths of 10-30 feet.

Designed to precise specifications for all true enthusiasts of muskie-sized tube fishing. Works well in both the regular tubes and the twisted tubes. Rock solid tried and tested - 60 degree angled hook eye and laser sharp VMC needlepoint hooks. We don't skimp on quality so you'll have more confidence on the water. Made in the US.