Slammer Tackle 4" Deep Shad

$ 17.79

Brand: Slammer Tackle

If your into casting or trolling a smaller bait then the 4" Slammer Deep Shad is a must for your musky fishing trip. This little 4 inch deep diver packs a BIG punch! Solid plastic with thru wire construction and a tough epoxy clearcoat makes this little guy hold up to many giant muskies. A super high vibrating wiggle that trophy musky and pike can't resist!  Rattles and Casts down to 8 to 10 feet deep and will troll to depth of 20.

Check out the features on Slammer's 4 inch Deep Shad!

Molded from tooth proof solid plastic (can't leak or fill up with water)
Molded in stainless steel thru wire construction
Internal Rattle Chamber with super loud Brass Rattle!
Super tough epoxy clear coat
Unbreakable diving lip
Trolls to speeds over 6 mph!
Reaches depth of 20 feet