Slammer Tackle Drop Belly Glider

$ 20.99

Brand: Slammer Tackle

This little guy was one of the HOTTEST Glide style Jerk baits to hit the fishing world in years! The only trouble was that they were extremely hard to find! Over the past few years only a few number of fisherman had one of these but there results were incredible.

Now Made From Solid High Impact Plastic!

This drop belly shad shaped body style glider has an unbelievable erratic gliding action that really triggers fish to strike and not just follow. It's weighted to slow sink and was designed to be worked with small twitches from the rod tip. A great early springtime and fall bait! Runs down in the 3 to 5 foot range.

All Slammer Drop Belly Gliders feature:

  • Solid tooth proof, high impact plastic
  • Thru-wire construction for superior strength
  • Tangle-free super sharp hooks
  • Super-tough epoxy finish
  • Eight, fish-catching colors to match any weather or water condition
  • Individually tuned to Slammers' strike-producing action
  • Computer-designed body style for maximum performance